Last but not least of the hero trio of my OCs, based on my boyfriend, meet Pax!
Another one of my OCs based on my best friend. Meet Aria’s bestie and partner in crime, Jo. 


wanting to draw things but not having the energy to put effort into drawings


My first DR digital drawing, felt like a little Mukuro was needed
Since I was talking about my OCs, here’s one of them drawn since I’m seriously bored to death and I haven’t drawn her properly yet. 
Meet Aria. 



sparklysnickers replied to your post “People should send me a word and I’ll create a canon for one of my OCs…”


Oh Christine perfect prompt!!!!!

Canon: Eastern Elves like Aria are coldblooded and since Pax is a Fire Elemental, during winter when she forgets her coat like the dummy she can be, she just clings to him and refuses to let go, burrowing into his neck or in his jacket and mumbling everything she says just for his naturally high body heat.

Also additional Canon since I’m bored and only you sent one (thanks btw): When Aria and Pax used to make-out before Pax learned to keep his emotions from controlling his powers and things got heated, they’d start really getting into it, not noticing his hair turning into flames until it burns Aria a little and he panics. She’ll start constantly telling him she’s okay after applying a healing spell but he sits there with big sad eyes and apologizing and it takes hours of cuddling and shooshing until he’s better. 

Also doodle:



m0m always said it was 0kay t0 talk t0 gh0sts

I couldn’t sleep at like midnight and I heard the urge to try out painting in sai. I’m actually really proud of this. 

Leave me by the porch inside

Let my soul to you confide

Watch the never ending path

As it dissipated all but wrath

Rosie that’s a w not a mustache