Jo is back with a design revamp too, not too much is different but she looks a lot cleaner in my opinion. Her hair took quite a while though.
A redraw of my OC Aria and her updated design. I’m really in love with her tattoos and piercings.
Bluh bluh
Something I drew at a friend’s house to the sound of kissing, laughter and Smite
I chose one of the pallets from the pallet challenges floating around and drew someone. Her name is Kiara

Michael Jones because we all could use more of him in our lives
sparklysnickers sent: 1. And Natasha!


Long overdue Chub Natasha

Really messy paint I did after no one showed to the livestream. He’s a moth-fairy
Brushes are fun
Last but not least of the hero trio of my OCs, based on my boyfriend, meet Pax!