What is the starry crap

I just got to watch Mathilde’s stream and once they mentioned Madeline and Mathilde dressing up like Madeline I had to draw a terrible doodle
Their name is Pride and I think you know why
A really gross Eriara because I needed to OTP to cheer me up after an absolutely horrible day at school.
This is like the first time I’ve drawn people in that pose. And kissing.
I discovered texture overlays and nothing hurts.
I haven’t drawn my patron babe in so long <3
Jo is back with a design revamp too, not too much is different but she looks a lot cleaner in my opinion. Her hair took quite a while though.
A redraw of my OC Aria and her updated design. I’m really in love with her tattoos and piercings.
Bluh bluh
Something I drew at a friend’s house to the sound of kissing, laughter and Smite